misconstrue - Dictionary definition and meaning for word misconstrue

(verb) interpret in the wrong way
Example Sentence
  • Don't misinterpret my comments as criticism
  • She misconstrued my remarks

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for misconstrue

Misconstrue = Mis + Cons + True. Someone is 'Missing' the 'True' fact.
19       2

by rizvi

You have a presentation on a some technology; you come out with a comprehensive research about the "pros" and the "cons". In the presentation you "construe/explain" them. mis(bad/wrong)+contrue(explain) => if you wrongly explain people attending wil
2       6

by Swapneel Patil

mis/cons/true:interpreting true thing in a CON(contradictly) manner;i.e.interpret incorrectly
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by farhanpatel

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