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    mendicant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mendicant

    (noun) a male member of a religious order that originally relied solely on alms
    Synonyms : friar
    (noun) a pauper who lives by begging
    Synonyms : beggar
    (adj) practicing beggary
    Example Sentence
    • mendicant friars
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mendicant

Mandi me chant karta hua bhikhari

Men+die+cant= men die because they can't work so they beg to survive

mendicant ~ Men + d I + Can t : men who say I can't, they don't like to work and sometimes start practising beggary

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sounds like "mendi-coat" a local name for some game of cards. Can you remember some other card game "bhikari" or "beggar"

mendicant= men + dicant(empty something)...men with no money..beggar

mending + can't ~those who are unable to mend easil;y start begging

MENDICANT=MAN+DECANT. When you see the MAN on the street corner, you should DECANT the money from your pocket into his cup.

MEND+I+CANT:MEND rhymes like SPEND ,so the word becomes SPEND I CANT .the beggar says SPEND I CANT

One who can't be mended i.e., a perfect person who doesn't indulge in material affairs to earn food.

mend+cant: one who cant mend his clothes begs for help

break it in punjabi as( money d katt) that is lack of money

mendi+cant...railway cant par beggar rehte hai

Mendicant = Mandi (A shopping place from hindi) + cant(Etymology - Is to sing).. (Singing in Mandi) Is a begger right ?

MENDel CAN't work because he learns in kollel so his family are beggars

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