mediocre - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mediocre

(adj) moderate to inferior in quality
Synonyms : second-rate
Example Sentence
  • they improved the quality from mediocre to above average

(adj) lacking exceptional quality or ability
Synonyms : average , fair , middling
Example Sentence
  • a novel of average merit
  • only a fair performance of the sonata
  • in fair health
  • the caliber of the students has gone from mediocre to above average
  • the performance was middling at best

(adj) poor to middling in quality
Example Sentence
  • there have been good and mediocre and bad artists

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mediocre

mediocre sounding lyk medium which means average so a mediocre performance in da sense an average performance
4       4

by bebo

mediocre~ media+cry media is always crying so it is ordinary thing
3       2

by sanlee

Medio=middle ; so things are in between good and bad ; so it must be of average quality.
1       0

by onno manush

mediocre sounds like medium/middle place...middle will be COMMON point for two places...and common=ordinary..
0       1

by Thisisnotme

0       0

by Thisisnotme

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