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    mayhem - Dictionary definition and meaning for word mayhem

    (noun) the willful and unlawful crippling or mutilation of another person Definition
    (noun) violent and needless disturbance
    Synonyms : havoc
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for mayhem

sounds like MAY HARM ... injurious

HEM means to fold and stitched down the edge of cloths. So if people injured they MAY need STITCHES mean HEM.

MAY DAY - An internationally recognized distress signal via radiotelephone.

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mayhem-- split it as ma and he.. when u have injury to body u cry and call he(hey) ma, he(hey) ma

mayhem sounds like hindi word MATAM and whenever people die due to violence,matam cha jata hai families me jinke members mare jate hai.

As you know "HEM" is a way of stitching cloth, if I (May) start stitching(Hem) there will be no control... I will do the mess on the cloth.

ME is HEMEN. So very powerfull and voilent

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