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    martinet - Dictionary definition and meaning for word martinet

    (noun) someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms
    Synonyms : disciplinarian , moralist
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spelling is very similar to martial - so a martinet is martial belligerent

martinet == mar(hit)+ tin (3)+ et (hat), so mar tin hat if you talk again.

martinet could rhyme with matron.. whose job is also to keep discipline..

Ever since Martin joined the army, he's bcome a strict disciplinarian, a Martinet.

martin was a naughty boy one got stuck in net and became disciplined. Now all villagers call that net of discipline as martinet

sounds like marionette, as in puppets - martinets expect their followers to be disciplined and follow as easy as puppets

You catch a tiny green man with your MARTIAN-NET he then points his mind-control ray-gun at you and commands, in explicit detail, that you to take him to your leader . . which of course you do but your boss is a micro-manager too.

suppose your sport teacher who is very strict said u "if you will not be strict and net me tumhe marunga(means punish)."

in a MART all the things are placed in strict discipline.....so that things can be easily picked up

Martinat is smeone who always insists to go/follow according to the rules.. other wise MARTHI(beat in hindi) NAITHO (orelse)..

martinet:(martin luther king) martin luther king was such a strict person, who demands the people of his kingdom to follow the rules strictly in a discipline manner.

martinee drink is used for slimming up the figure... so one who is very disciplined about her figure, dringks lots of martinee drink, though it may be harmful to health...

mom wraning her child that "marti agar thu net use karetho"

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