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    malingerer - Dictionary definition and meaning for word malingerer

    (noun) someone shirking their duty by feigning illness or incapacity
    Synonyms : shammer , skulker
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for malingerer

Ma linger= child lingering around her mom to avoid going to school.

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Malinga feigned illness to avoid bowling to Tendulkar

mali+inger(sounds like injure)(p.s MY MALI IS INDER :)))))),.......my mali got injured yesterday while working... so today he is feigning illness and refused to come

'linger' is to hang around, 'malinger' is to skulk and hang around, and 'malingerer' is one who skulks and hangs around.

Players like M.Vijay would rather fake illness than face players like MALINGA

this-tent. This is my tent. It swelled because of the hot steam from the cook inside

linger is to hang around, lingerer is someone that hangs around, malingerer is someone that doesn't like to hang around at work

mal ( disease ) + loiter (wander aimlessly) ... that is you are running away from your duty

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