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    malady - Dictionary definition and meaning for word malady

    (noun) any unwholesome or desperate condition
    Example Sentence
    • what maladies afflict our nation?
    (noun) impairment of normal physiological function affecting part or all of an organism
    Synonyms : illness , sickness , unwellness
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for malady

mala D is a pill ( contraceptive ):: and you take pills when you become ill.

Malaria is a type of malady

sounds like mal +lady...........mal(means not in good state or in bad condition)+lady...........means.a lady who is ill

It denotes a girl with a defect in reproduction.

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Malady rhymes with Melody, the chocolate. Excessive consumption of chocolate will make you fall ill

malady - MALA D tablets - illness (i hope everybody will get this)

when ur in malady, hear melody songs...!!!

What to call her a maal or a lady was a malady!

my lady has become ILL....

Mal(bad)+ Body; so illness

Word used in video below:
text: a child malady
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