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    lurid - Dictionary definition and meaning for word lurid

    (adj) horrible in fierceness or savagery
    Example Sentence
    • lurid crimes
    • a lurid life
    (adj) glaringly vivid and graphic; marked by sensationalism
    Synonyms : shocking
    Example Sentence
    • lurid details of the accident
    (adj) shining with an unnatural red glow as of fire seen through smoke
    Example Sentence
    • a lurid sunset
    • lurid flames
    (adj) ghastly pale
    Example Sentence
    • moonlight gave the statue a lurid luminence
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lurid

lurid..concentrate on de last 4 letters-ur+id.so if someone hacks UR mail ID,he has gotta be a SENSATIONAL hacker and in response to this u would become WILD

lurid.....luri..similar to lure...lure means ..attract. charming...so something that lures you , and you are strongly attracted by it..you cant control your feelings, and at any cost you want to get it...and to get it you can do anything...so you are

lurid ~ horrid ; horrid , horrifying .. somewhat same .. horrible , wild , sensational ...

correlate "lurid" oppositely to "lucid". Lucid means clear then lurid will be unclear due to ghastly pale color.

LURID (Looreed): Sounds like the combination of two words. "Look" and "Red". Thus, LURID Sounds like Look Red and something that looks red is attractive, shocking and ghastly and bad.

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Lure+Id(identify)....if someone lures you and you indulge in sex but you are identified and you are shown on news channel...that experience will be ghastly or horrifying for u i.e lurid

so you are wild..crazy...very much sensational....and in this state you can murder also .so..you are lurid.

so you are wild..crazy...very much sensational....and in this state you can murder also .so..you are lurid.

When fishing, I use a RED LURE or LURE RED which is shocking, gruesome, and sensational to the fish that bites into it.

On the cover of some magazines u can see pretty LURID pictures put there to LURE u to buy them

LURID related to LEERY meaning detestable or horrifying

conc. on rid....so when u you want to get rid from someone u turned wild, guesome and horrible

Sounds like LURE IT, sensational/graphical(lurid) cover stories LURe(attract) people...

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