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    lugubrious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word lugubrious

    (adj) excessively mournful
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lugubrious

He was very mournful when he had to BURY his maimed LEG.

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LOOK+RUBY ous = DEPRESSED AND MOURNFUL that you LOOK like RUBY(face red)

Pronounced as lo-goo-bri-yas. She cried so much for the dog's death her tears formed a logoon (small body of water):P. When ppl mourn someone's death, all the tears form a logoon.


Lugu+bury+his "..." hence was very dismal and sad

when i saw the new PRIUS which i cant afford to buy i feel LUGUBRIOUS.

After the invasion of the Blob we were all extremely sad because the Blue_Goo_Beat_Us.

Log(people) in lugubrious mood because of cancellation of holidays to a salubrious place.

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