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    lachrymose - Dictionary definition and meaning for word lachrymose

    (adj) showing sorrow
    Synonyms : dolorous , dolourous , tearful , weeping
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for lachrymose

lachrymose-lac+chry(cry)+mose(most),so when you cry most you produce 'tears'.

Tear glands in our eyes are also known as lachrymal glands ...So they are the ones that make you cry ,sorrow ,sober

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lachRYMOSE the highlighted word rhymes with 'remorse'.so when yu are in a remorse,it means yu are in a TEARFUL state

lack of something makes you lachrymose

hindi mnemonic: lachrymose: focus on the first part lachr--SOUNDS LIKE HINDI WORD LACHAR- SOME WHO IS NOT IN POSITION TO DO SOMETHING.)SO A LACHAR person SHOWS his SORROW.

LANGRI(crippled) MOSI(aunt) is always tearful due to handicap.

Sounds like lacking remorse...but NOT; in fact, very sad and crying alot!

LACHRYMOSE sounds like LAGRIMAS, which means tears in Spanish

lack times u remorse then it is tear causing

lachry (ladki- girl in hindi) mose (moch- wipe out in bangla) ladki moch your tear

lachrymose-imagine because you havenot buy lays for your daughter she is crying and showing sorrows and being sad

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