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    laceration - Dictionary definition and meaning for word laceration

    (noun) a torn ragged wound Definition
    (noun) the act of lacerating
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for laceration

sounds like laSeration...that is use of laser...so using a laser can cause a torn wound on your skin

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Laceration .... read it as Laser(lacer) ... Action (ation) ... when laser action is performed on ur body it is expected to cause damage like a cut or a wound ....

sounds like lakeerain(lines) --lines on skin--wound

LACE - ERRRRR (sound of tearing a lace) , hence A wound produced by tearing; the process of tearing.

lace+ration means to tear and make laces

lace+tear+ation.....so realted tear-like wounds

Dont tie LACE properly will fall and get wounded or hurt

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