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    inveigh - Dictionary definition and meaning for word inveigh

    (verb) complain bitterly
    Synonyms : rail
    (verb) speak against in an impassioned manner
    Synonyms : declaim
    Example Sentence
    • he declaimed against the wasteful ways of modern society
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for inveigh

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its pronunciation is similar to envy...if u envy someone u *utter invectives* about that person

veigh sounds like weigh... a person passionate about their weight would protest and complain if they were overweight

INVEIGH -> VEIN. When I get angry and impassioned, the VEINS in my neck enlarge.

sounds like in+league.. with the same meaning

someone in vain always inveigh (denounce) against others...

Inveigh: Veigh sounds like Weigh. In-Veigh (In-Weigh). Weighing in on an issue connotes speaking with passion about/against that issue.

rhymes with dismayed: dismayed with the verbal attack on my character

sounds weigh >>> means in marathi halka bhari dharna.. mhanje takun bolana kunala..

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