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    insouciant - Dictionary definition and meaning for word insouciant

    (adj) marked by blithe unconcern
    Synonyms : casual , nonchalant
    Example Sentence
    • an ability to interest casual students
    • showed a casual disregard for cold weather
    • an utterly insouciant financial policy
    • an elegantly insouciant manner
    • drove his car with nonchalant abandon
    • was polite in a teasing nonchalant manner
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for insouciant

insouciant: sounds like In-soup-ant or in-sauce-ant. Suppose the waiter serves you a soup with an ant in it and he is not even concerned about removing it, is insouciant.

in+social...when a person is not social it means he does not care about people around him

If you place the 1st letter (i) @ the end, it reads: N SO U C I ANTI (and so you see, I'm anti!) OR remove the "i" & its: N SO U C I CANT (And so you see, I can't!)*Also try* ENSUE=follow,result,reaction+ SHANT=Not: To Not React

in(not) + assistence -> wihtout concern or care...


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IsN't SOU Careful In looking for ANT - careful disregard (it's just an ant you bloke :-P)

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