insidious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word insidious

(adj) beguiling but harmful
Example Sentence
  • insidious pleasures
(adj) intended to entrap Definition
(adj) working or spreading in a hidden and usually injurious way
Synonyms : pernicious , subtle
Example Sentence
  • glaucoma is an insidious disease
  • a subtle poison

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insidious= inside+ hideous. think of something terrible, like a disease, hiding inside of the body.
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Relate it with inside as in "something inside or hidden " .
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Insidous Remember the sith lord-darth sidious.He was a vile treacherous person. Thus insidious = sly,treacherous
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inside but like - ghar ka bhedhi lanka dhaye
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insidious rhymes with perfidious which means the same: trecherous
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In+sid=in+seed. its an old adage: jo seed andar hi andar bo ta hai. means against harmful
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insidious; Inside of us the secret is lying how we have succeed.
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in(eenni) side neseyndra - ante vaanni mosam cheyyadam
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