innocuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word innocuous

(adj) not injurious to physical or mental health
(adj) not causing disapproval
Synonyms : unobjectionable
Example Sentence
  • it was an innocuous remark
  • confined himself to innocuous generalities
  • unobjectionable behavior

(adj) lacking intent or capacity to injure
Synonyms : innocent
Example Sentence
  • an innocent prank

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for innocuous

in(not)+nocuous(noxious)........ means not noxious......something which is not noxious is harmless...
87       8

by channu

innocuous ~ innocent
24       4

by pateheo

Although some spiders are POISONOUS, most of them are INNOCUOUS (harmless)
3       1

by hitman009

Nokia+Us- Amongst 'fell' phones, Nokia is the most harmless to Us.
2       7

by pcsjith

He is locked IN the box and he KNOCKS TO US, but we ignore him because he is now harmless.
2       1

by Jackery

INjury NO COw tO US injury is given to us by cow
2       1

by Aps

in + no + c + u + ous >>> means u do not have an eye on us.. so u r not harmful to us..
1       2

by RajeshBorkar

"Innocuous" is closely related, in both origin and meaning, to "innocent"
1       1

by rashik10

Innocuous: ENO (antacid) quon US mein nahi lete log, ye to completely HARMLESS hai.
1       0

by RKA-CE-9910827111-Delhi

Innocuous= I NO KILL US :-)
0       1

by Enigmaticguitar

In-Noc(sounds like Knock "knock the door" to come inside) If someone knocks to come inside then he is harmless. Harmful people just barged in.
0       0

by varun.nayyar

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