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    innocuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word innocuous

    (adj) not injurious to physical or mental health Definition
    (adj) not causing disapproval
    Synonyms : unobjectionable
    Example Sentence
    • it was an innocuous remark
    • confined himself to innocuous generalities
    • unobjectionable behavior
    (adj) lacking intent or capacity to injure
    Synonyms : innocent
    Example Sentence
    • an innocent prank
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for innocuous

in(not)+nocuous(noxious)........ means not noxious......something which is not noxious is harmless...

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innocuous ~ innocent

Although some spiders are POISONOUS, most of them are INNOCUOUS (harmless)

Nokia+Us- Amongst 'fell' phones, Nokia is the most harmless to Us.

He is locked IN the box and he KNOCKS TO US, but we ignore him because he is now harmless.

INjury NO COw tO US ...no injury is given to us by cow

in + no + c + u + ous >>> means u do not have an eye on us.. so u r not harmful to us..

"Innocuous" is closely related, in both origin and meaning, to "innocent"

Innocuous: ENO (antacid) quon US mein nahi lete log, ye to completely HARMLESS hai.

Innocuous= I NO KILL US :-)

In-Noc(sounds like Knock "knock the door" to come inside) If someone knocks to come inside then he is harmless. Harmful people just barged in.

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