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    indifferent - Dictionary definition and meaning for word indifferent

    (adj) marked by a lack of interest
    Synonyms : apathetic
    Example Sentence
    • an apathetic audience
    • the universe is neither hostile nor friendly; it is simply indifferent
    (adj) showing no care or concern in attitude or action
    Example Sentence
    • indifferent to the sufferings of others
    • indifferent to her plea
    (adj) (usually followed by `to') unwilling or refusing to pay heed
    Synonyms : deaf
    Example Sentence
    • deaf to her warnings
    (adj) (often followed by `to') lacking importance; not mattering one way or the other
    Synonyms : immaterial
    Example Sentence
    • whether you choose to do it or not is a matter that is quite immaterial (or indifferent)
    • what others think is altogether indifferent to him
    (adj) fairly poor to not very good
    Example Sentence
    • has an indifferent singing voice
    • has indifferent qualifications for the job
    (adj) having only a limited ability to react chemically; chemically inactive
    Synonyms : inert , neutral
    Example Sentence
    • inert matter
    • an indifferent chemical in a reaction
    (adj) marked by no especial liking or dislike or preference for one thing over another
    Example Sentence
    • indifferent about which book you would give them
    • was indifferent to their acceptance or rejection of her invitation
    (adj) characterized by a lack of partiality
    Synonyms : unbiased , unbiassed
    Example Sentence
    • a properly indifferent jury
    • an unbiasgoted account of her family problems
    (adj) being neither good nor bad
    Synonyms : so-so
    Example Sentence
    • an indifferent performance
    • a gifted painter but an indifferent actor
    • her work at the office is passable
    • a so-so golfer
    • feeling only so-so
    • prepared a tolerable dinner
    • a tolerable working knowledge of French
    (adj) neither too great nor too little
    Example Sentence
    • a couple of indifferent hills to climb
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A girl always looks for a guy who is different from the others, thus if he is in(not) different , he is MEDIOCRE hence she will be UNMOVED AND UNCONCERNED BY his proposals. :P

he showed "no difference" in his face...it means he is unmoved or unconcerned...!!!

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