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    impugn - Dictionary definition and meaning for word impugn

    (verb) attack as false or wrong
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pugn is root word meaning fight...(for eg ..pugnacious means quarrelsome) so impugn means sense of contradicting in order to cause a dispute

im + PUGN ~ pugn looks like pungaa(hindi); NOW think of a person who is habitual of taking PUNGAA, he will always CONTRADICT people, and will always CHALLENGE others (impugn others).

Im (not) pugn (pun). A pun is usually funny, but impugn is the opposite; it means to dispute or contradict; challange.

We know PUGNACITY as "PUNGA CITY" pugn means "attack" ...and impugn means to attack with words or arguments...!

a im"PUG"n cannot attack..so an attack done by him is a false attack.

PEUN(drunken in marathi)..im peun means i m not drunken...you are fighting with your father that you are not drunken..hence proving his allegations false

IMPUGN is the opposite of IMPUNITY.

When you impugn one's integrity, you put them IN POO.

impugn..im-not...'pug'..imagine ur dad promised to present u a pug dog on ur bday..instead he bot some other dog..den wat u wud do..u wud QUESTION ur dad and attak it to be wrong

i am a PUG and can only ataack VERBALLY by barking

Concentrate on PUGNA -- If some one says you look like a PUG (Vodafone Ad dog) -- You ll say NAh!! and contradict him/ attack him saying it is false

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