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    impetuous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word impetuous

    (adj) characterized by undue haste and lack of thought or deliberation
    Example Sentence
    • a hotheaded decision
    • liable to such impulsive acts as hugging strangers
    • an impetuous display of spending and gambling
    • madcap escapades
    (adj) marked by violent force
    Example Sentence
    • impetuous heaving waves
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for impetuous

im(not)-pet-tuo(to)-us...a dog which is not our pet will be very VIOLENT and RASH.

im+petu => i am petu (in hindi which means who eats a lot), so if you don't give me enough food, i'll get violent,harsh, rough etc.

sounds like impatient, an impatient person will be impetuous

impetuous - imm+pet+u+ous means saying like "you are our pet", so the person will get violent and take hasty decision to beat you.

Impetuous..I am Piitu (Hindi for Beat) uous = use (him)..That means I will beat him...Who says that?? One who is very violent..

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IMPETUS = impulse. Impulsive decisions are IMPETUOUS.

IM(not) petuous(pet)...an animal which is not pet is rash...

Impet ~ Impact uous means "full of" Full of Impact, very forceful

IMPET--> impatience.. hence violent and rash

ek petu admi ne kaha "I AM NOT PETU".. the way he said is so violent,

IMPetuous -- IMPulse; reacting without thought

impetuous,without thinking for sudden impact of somthing.doing things is rashly way

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