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    hurtle - Dictionary definition and meaning for word hurtle

    (verb) move with or as if with a rushing sound
    Example Sentence
    • The cars hurtled by
    (verb) make a thrusting forward movement
    Synonyms : hurl , lunge , thrust
    (verb) throw forcefully
    Synonyms : cast , hurl
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for hurtle

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its HURDLE race, in which runners have to run in a particular direction,it also involves crashes!! Cheers to Olympic 2012

hurt.....so a bike moving with GREAT SPEED or hurtling along and in the process hurting many people on the way.

hurtle..rhymes with turtle.. turtle is slow..n hurtle is fast rushes...

HURTLE sounds like HURT+ALL....i.e. if u hurt all means u were RUSHING and CRASHED with the crowd.

Hurtle means hustle.

Ninja- TURTLE where very fast and agile.. They had a gr8 skill of fighting! Kung Fu Fight!! that goes on to fast!! haiiiiyaaaa

It involves crashes and rush also!!

hare and turtle story..turtle low speed ..hare(hurtle) great speed

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