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    hermetic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word hermetic

    (adj) completely sealed; completely airtight
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HERMETIC-HERMET-HELMET...completely airtight(kind of...)

Homophone: hermetic - hermit. The hermit lives in a hermetic den.

remember Hermits. Hermits are completely sealed from the rest of the world....

herman bhweja has a no of hermetic dance steps...

hermetic = her + met so when i met her she was OBSCURE and MYSTERIOUS by nature... so it didn't worked out :P

her(har) + me(maa) + ic(ki) >> Har Maa ki iccha hoti hai ki, usake bacche ko bahar ki hawa na laage... So think of this in relation with airtight..

her + me hugged tightly complete and airtight.

hermetic = her meet with me is completely sealed or secret.

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