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    heresy - Dictionary definition and meaning for word heresy

    (noun) any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position
    Synonyms : heterodoxy , unorthodoxy
    (noun) a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion
    Synonyms : unorthodoxy
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for heresy

divide this word into her (her)+esy(sounds like essay)... most of the essays written by her are against popular beliefs. Taslima Nasrin, a Bangladeshi writer is one such person who has recently created a furore because of her book

It sounds like "Hennessey", who is in the movie "death race". She wanted FRANK to lose the race contrary to the general opinion ....

sounds like here see. If your unorthodox about religion , people will say(idhar Dekh) -> Here See.

this sounds luke "hear say" we all know whatever we hear from "hear say"is normally garbled. Its opposite of popular belief

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because of her unneccessary remarks against the public beliefs in her essay in a recently written book.

hearsay means to pass on what was heard, in other words, stick to the belief. So here+sy is opposite of hear+say.

'here I say'-what I say is rebellious and unique

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