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    gourmand - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gourmand

    (noun) a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess
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souds like government..and in india..anything of government is free for people..so if government plans to provide free food people will eat excessively...beyond their capicity..because we take pleasure in anything which is free to us.

sounds like GOVERNMENT- govt in India eats up all the people's funds by food & drink.

look slike gor maharaj.. who eats first on any occasion as they are bhramins..so they can judge how is the food made

gourmand:ghorum ga mandu thage vadu!

GUR + de(MAND) -> a person who eat lot of gur must be indulged into exccesive eating and drinking...

it sounds like gol+gand(slang) which direct that one who has gol or big, gand(ass) is always enjoying eating'

We all GORGE when offered GOURMET food.

if GOVERNMENT plans to provide free good quality food to poor people..THEY WOULD EAT IT WITH EXCESSIVE PLEASURE..as they are unable to have a good meal……

Government-govt in India eats up all the people's funds.

gourmand = a person who demands more gour is also will be a connoisseur of food & drink.

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