glib - Dictionary definition and meaning for word glib

(adj) marked by lack of intellectual depth
Example Sentence
  • glib generalizations
  • a glib response to a complex question
(adj) having only superficial plausibility
Synonyms : pat , slick
Example Sentence
  • glib promises
  • a slick commercial
(adj) artfully persuasive in speech
Example Sentence
  • a glib tongue
  • a smooth-tongued hypocrite

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glib sounds like Ghalib..his shayeri was slick and fluent.
38        9
someone who doesn't go to lib(glib) lacks intellectual depth
25        15
GLIB -> GLABROUS. GLABROUS means smooth. GLIB means smooth-tongued.
2        2
g:gafadi ; lib:lip;a person who is gafadi can speak well and fluent but lacks sincerity
1        0
good ad-lib
1        0
in general we say... if u SPEAK SO FAST u glub(glib) the words
0        5
Glib--> G is always live.
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'glib,' like a 'bib.' Only caring about superficial things (how you look), lacking in depth.
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