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    gauche - Dictionary definition and meaning for word gauche

    (adj) lacking social polish
    Synonyms : graceless , unpolished
    Example Sentence
    • too gauche to leave the room when the conversation became intimate
    • their excellent manners always made me feel gauche
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it is pronounced 'gosh' O my Gosh!!- she reacted to his gauche behaviour.

gauchy sounds like gochy(dothy weared by old people)in modern days wearing gochy is clumsy or awkward

South American GAUCHOS (cowboys) lack grace.

Sound like Gosh.. somewon who eat GOSHT lacks social values

GAUCHE=GAAV+CHE. CHE, he is from GAAV, he is tactless/dont have the grace.

Tanya Gosh(gauche) is a clumsy girl who always spilt coffee over others while serving.

similar to gaucherie

gavache lok

gauche sound like douche(douchebag)..

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