frugal - Dictionary definition and meaning for word frugal

(adj) avoiding waste
Synonyms : economical , scotch , sparing , stinting
Example Sentence
  • an economical meal
  • an economical shopper
  • a frugal farmer
  • a frugal lunch
  • a sparing father and a spending son
  • sparing in their use of heat and light
  • stinting in bestowing gifts
  • thrifty because they remember the great Depression
  • `scotch' is used only informally

Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for frugal

sounds like fru(threw) gal(girls)=>if no girl friends . no wastage of money
18       6

by gopikrish2000

frugal..that is opposite to prodigal...which means wasteful
6       1

by jim4gre

frugal sounds like free girl. girls generally dont pay bill. .eat for free. they dont waste their money
2       0

by sandeepganji30

Seeing that there are a small quanity of fruits at the table, he gulped down the fruits in a meager quantity.
0       4

by itspossible

Girls (gal) having fragile (sounds like frugal) hearts if Avoided by boys Waste their whole day grieving.
0       3

by paula_3004

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