frivolous - Dictionary definition and meaning for word frivolous

(adj) not serious in content or attitude or behavior
Example Sentence
  • a frivolous novel
  • a frivolous remark
  • a frivolous young woman

Memory aid to help you memorize this

Fri-vo-lous ~Free - If something is free, u dont take it seriously, you think oh they are giving it for free coz its not that important stuff.. or not the stuff in demand.. or not the stuff taken seriously by public..
25        1
Fri+vol+ous = Free+Will ->one who acts with his own will, carefree, not serious.
7        1
i do feel a bit FIVIRISH,, but nothing too serious or anything to worry about
1        6
FAR FROM SERIOUS = FRIVOLOUS ; i.e lacking seriousness
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FRIVOLOUS = FREE + VO +LOiUS, Louis is very carefree.
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