fraught - Dictionary definition and meaning for word fraught

(adj) marked by distress
Example Sentence
  • a fraught mother-daughter relationship
(adj) filled with or attended with
Synonyms : pregnant
Example Sentence
  • words fraught with meaning
  • an incident fraught with danger
  • a silence pregnant with suspense

Memory aid to help you memorize this

fraught->sounds like drought and both of dem are opposites
12        7
fraught = fraud + caught; The fraud or thief was caught. His pockets were filled with jewels and money.
11        1
Fraught sounds like 'fought'. When you have fought a war, your mind is filled with emotional distress from all the killings.
11        4
fraught sounds like means accompanied with!
4        1
A Dam (F)ailed to show signs of dRAUGHT, i.e. the Dam is FILLED.
1        2
Picture a barge filled wtih FROST.
1        0
In Draught : You have no water in fields and in fraught its full
0        1

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