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    forte - Dictionary definition and meaning for word forte

    (noun) an asset of special worth or utility
    Example Sentence
    • cooking is his forte
    (noun) (music) loud
    Synonyms : fortissimo
    (noun) the stronger part of a sword blade between the hilt and the foible Definition
    (adj) used chiefly as a direction or description in music
    Synonyms : loud
    Example Sentence
    • the forte passages in the composition
    (adv) used as a direction in music; to be played relatively loudly
    Synonyms : loudly
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forte( rhymes like a FORT)... in order to build a fort one requires a SPECIAL TALENT and also a FORT is very STRONG :)

u c so many forts arround.. indicates their owner had smething strong abt them!

Hope this will help: The professor's "forte" (what one does best) is lecturing about the single battle that was "fought" (past tense of fight) at the "fort" (a stronghold, a fortress) that was "forty" (40) miles from the college.

people at fourty(forte) yrs,show great talent or their personality shines

Furti kora hoilo amar strong point.

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