forlorn - Dictionary definition and meaning for word forlorn

(adj) marked by or showing hopelessness
Example Sentence
  • the last forlorn attempt
  • a forlorn cause

Memory aid to help you memorize this

FOR + LOAN =aap loan lene gaye aur vaha se hope less ho kar vapas aaye..
45        1
F OR L OR N: Fall OR Lose OR Nothing -basically hopeless
5        2
FOR+LORN (sounds like MOURN) - You are sad and wretched when you mourn for someone dear to you has died
3        2
I am lonely and depressed For Lord has forsaken me
1        0
FORLON :: Sounds like FOR LONG. FOR a really LONG(lorn) time, he's been LONELY and WRETCHED.
0        1
for learn he is hopeless
0        1
FORever aLONe
0        0

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