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    forestall - Dictionary definition and meaning for word forestall

    (verb) keep from happening or arising; make impossible
    Synonyms : forbid , foreclose , preclude , prevent
    Example Sentence
    • My sense of tact forbids an honest answer
    • Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project
    (verb) act in advance of; deal with ahead of time
    Synonyms : anticipate , counter , foresee
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for forestall

Fore means before. Stall means to stop. Hence Forestall == Before Stop. i.e to stop something before it happens.

stall is to stop.. fore means before.. i.e fore + stall = taking precautions before itself, to prevent unwanted action..

Go FORward with putting the horse in the STALL to prevent him from getting out and causing trouble.

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FORESTALL sounds like (Force to stop) him in Advance Before he release it was the End of the road.

Toll naka

forestall = he has installed it previously; fore means previous.

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