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    foist - Dictionary definition and meaning for word foist

    (verb) to force onto another
    Example Sentence
    • He foisted his work on me
    (verb) insert surreptitiously or without warrant
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for foist

when you hoist the flag improperly, it is called foist.

fOist fist-o......try to imagine like...u r trying to insert a pen into a tightly closed fist...but u could not... 'o' is the expression that u wer not happy with that... so the meanin is...INSERT IMPROPERLY...(you are trying to insert by force)

foist sounds like hoist (meaning : raised, common usage : flag hoisting) - he gave his career a "hoist" by "foist-ing" his work on a hardworking colleague

foist -- sounds like forest -- if you "insert into the forest improperly" animals gonna eat you :)

FOIST....Force Or Impose unjuSTifiably

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foist = force insert

you will do it "O" I "FIST" you ?

fOist....inserting sumthng forcefully in fist and trying to resist it. o is d sound by d one who is inserting...it means unnecessary forcing or thrust


Full into + Resist. I inserted my penis full into her vagina but she resists. Think I've inserted it improperly.

foul insert

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