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    fancier - Dictionary definition and meaning for word fancier

    (noun) a person having a strong liking for something
    Synonyms : enthusiast
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for fancier

fencier (fancier) --> fence + ier --> one who keeps the animals fenced --> breeder of animals

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fancier -> cier -> bear -> deer - > CR (ciyar is a animal) -> pyar (means love) = one who loves animals and plants or has spl intrest to breed them !

one who wants to wear showy(fancy) clothes and has very keen interest in his looks

fancier sounds like fancy things. wen we see fancy things we usually get attracted with which we get excited!!!

fancier = "fancy" fancy dresses are sometimes made from animal skin , they are bought from animal dealer , breeder :)

Animals are kept inside a fence.

FAN "cied" are very enthusiastic to meet their idols


franchiser for faun.animal dealer.

at a pet shop, owner to a customer pointing at a poodle "Fancy her?"

FAN-cier if somebody is a fan of something he tries to keep it or breed it

fancy + ier >>> we make a collection and keep with us.. it may be animals or anything.. one who keeps animals like this is BREEDER..

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