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    factitious - Dictionary definition and meaning for word factitious

    (adj) not produced by natural forces
    Example Sentence
    • brokers created a factitious demand for stocks
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for factitious

sounds very similar to word FICTITIOUS....so something which is fictitious .. is always artificial.

boyOboy!!look at her tits!! they are fake tits bro,they place some kind of gelatinous substance there...hence factitious(artificial)!!!cant help...remembered tat way!! :)

factitious = false tears. so factitious is artificial where as facetious is humurous. factitious = tears (artificial) facetious = joy (humour). remember this as analogy.

fact+itious—sounds like fact+eatious—eating the facts(truth)—so misrepresenting the truth, so copying illegally or artificial

Factitious....FAKE + THI... say as in she was fake...hypocrite.. or fake by looks as she was all donned with make up...

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fact+eat+ous means eats fact means imaginary and untrue

Politician try to face the poverty fact. It will be artificial(factitious).

Something which constantly needs facts to support it must be artificial because truth is eternal.

fictitious ....like false....

(“fact,” meaning “to make”) as in factory and manufacture.

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