exhort - Dictionary definition and meaning for word exhort

(verb) spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts
Synonyms : barrack , cheer , inspire , pep up , root on , urge , urge on
Example Sentence
  • The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers
(verb) force or impel in an indicated direction
Synonyms : press , urge , urge on
Example Sentence
  • I urged him to finish his studies

Memory aid to help you memorize this

My friend EXHORTED us that we go for the EXORCIST movie and we EXCORIATED him for such an EXECRABLE idea.but then we EXCULPATED him.
53        18
exert -> to do something; exhort -> to urge someone to do something
41        1
my ex gf is vry hot(hort)...she urges men ....
12        3
extra + hot...ll urge evry1.
3        3
simply remember 'escort'
2        6
exhort very close to exhaust...ex..(exhaust)+hort(resort)....when you get exhausted by staying in hotels...you encourage or urge your dad to stay in a resort...........
1        21
exhort:ex+heart to urge by strong appels (to urge by heart)
1        0
Exhort- EX, snORT. Many EX-crackheads have the urge or exhort to snORT crack.
0        5
exhort sounds like exhaust; if you’re extremely exhausted, how will you exhort the crowd to cheer louder? You need lots of energy to exhort the crowd.
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exert someone to do something
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reah exhort like eh + heart your heart always urges you to do things
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Exhort = ex (cut) + short,i.e cut the shortage help it to overcome.
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