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    epithet - Dictionary definition and meaning for word epithet

    (noun) a defamatory or abusive word or phrase
    Synonyms : name
    (noun) descriptive word or phrase
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for epithet

Concentrate on the latter part of the word, epiTHET (Threat): If someone threatens you, he's going to use abusive words.

epithet = a + pithet -> a pathetic (person)...pathetic is an adjective.

E+PIT+HET~>A PET name that HURTS...

api+thittu (telugu) IF a singer is bad, you api (to stop) and then tittu (scold). you give him an epiteth.

Concentrate on the word PIT and gives a meaning defamatory.

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A pathetic person hurls insults at others rather than speaks his truth.

E-PIT(beat)-THAT- that person was pita gaya(beat) and abused too.

Epi(appy)+thet(theft) - Appy ko theft karne par abusive word


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