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    epigram - Dictionary definition and meaning for word epigram

    (noun) a witty saying
    Synonyms : quip
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for epigram

telegram-->simple note....epigram--->witty note

A PIG RAN...."be courageous..don run away like a pig" dats an epigram

epig+ram—epig+ram—in the EPIC ramayan, RAM used to say WISE and WITTY things

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What is an epigram? A dwarfish whole, its body brevity, and wit its soul. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Epic+gram(short)....hence epigram is a short witty poem, maxim.....

EPIC GRAM = an EPIC is something phenomenal, but a GRAM is a small unit of measure or a mode of communication such as a telegram made brief by the word GRAM. Thus we have a phenomenal statement of few words.

have u heard song 100 gram zinjdagi of movie guzarish,its like a poem which expresses the idea of life.

epigram = gram of a epic is always a short saying.

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