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    endemic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word endemic

    (noun) a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location
    Synonyms : endemic disease
    (noun) a plant that is native to a certain limited area
    Example Sentence
    • it is an endemic found only this island
    (adj) of or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality
    Synonyms : endemical
    Example Sentence
    • diseases endemic to the tropics
    • endemic malaria
    • food shortages and starvation are endemic in certain parts of the world
    (adj) native to or confined to a certain region
    Example Sentence
    • the islands have a number of interesting endemic species
    (adj) originating where it is found
    Example Sentence
    • the autochthonal fauna of Australia includes the kangaroo
    • autochthonous rocks and people and folktales
    • endemic folkways
    • the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for endemic

simple think of epidemic as an epidemic desease that spreads a vast area and endemic disease as a disease that spreads only a confined area

epidemic is something that is confined to vast area and endemic is confined to small area

end of(demic)democracy-this characteristic,nw a days,is confined to a very little no of countries..

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Think: "In a demographic," which relates to a specific portion of the population.

The disease only spreads in a certain area, so epiDEMY ENDs outside of that aream (endemic)

endemic = mic(sound) can be reached up to only certain region

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