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    elysian - Dictionary definition and meaning for word elysian

    (adj) relating to the Elysian Fields Definition
    (adj) being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods
    Synonyms : divine , inspired
    Example Sentence
    • her pies were simply divine
    • the divine Shakespeare
    • an elysian meal
    • an inspired performance
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for elysian

souds like 'malasia' u seen tat ad 'malasia truly asia' they potray it like heaven.

Elysian sounds like "Alice in..." wonderland, which is like heaven

NARNIA lovers.. this word sounds similar to Aslan the LION... he was a bliss for narnia ..hehehe...

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elysian==> alishan bangla bolte hai na .....i.e paradise

break it was ILU+son .. I told my son ki ILU karne se heaven milta hai !

pronounced as "i-lee-zhuhn"....lookout for de middle word lee which rhymes with glee,related to a state of bliss(sry couldn find any other alternative....lol)

elysian night stay with kareena in alisian builing

ely in telugu means to go..so elysian means a place to go and see

Sounds like -elf's in Lord of the Rings.These elves are immortal(divine) unless killed and known for perfection(inspiring) in throwing arrows.

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