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    effusion - Dictionary definition and meaning for word effusion

    (noun) an unrestrained expression of emotion
    Synonyms : blowup , ebullition , gush , outburst
    (noun) flow under pressure
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for effusion

effusion rhymes with 'a fusion' reaction where there is an outburst or gush of energy...

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Effusion=effus(e)+ion Effuse is the opposite of diffuse.In diffusion,substances mix and form a mixture wheras in effusion,the reverse happens,the components POUR out

when current effuses, fuse ud jaata hai

simple which is opposite to diffusion

Effective+Profusion.....hence effusion means copius outpouring and it also means an unrestrained flow of words

if-u-see-jon...(john abrahim) excitement will pour out

When there is a effective fusion of music, pouring forth, unrestrained outpouring of feelings is witnessed...isnt it..!!!

effusion -> diffusion; both effusion and diffusion are related to flowing.

Expensive bulb got fused, so many servant apologized with effusion

effusion; The words which contain fussion term is always means strong flow of something.

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