dupe - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dupe

(noun) a person who is tricked or swindled
Synonyms : victim
(verb) fool or hoax
Example Sentence
  • The immigrant was duped because he trusted everyone
  • You can't fool me!

Memory aid to help you memorize this

duplicates(in movies) are used to fool people....
13        16
DUPE sounds like dope means so "to impure something", means to cheat someone....
4        3
dupe = [du]mmy+[pe]t ex. a fool dog
2        3
That DUde Punk'd mE! ~ Dupe
2        2
from dupe think of dopehead which means stupid & he can be easily cheated
2        0
Soud like dukes and Dukes can deceive us by giving taste of mango
1        1
Sounds like POPE: pope who deceives people for money in Vatican city
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people who Dope (i.e. take drugs) are fools
0        0
people who dope are victim of deception; they can be easily deceived
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a dude is like stud, who is smart whereas a dupe is stupid and can be tricked easily
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0        0
dupe; (DU)mb+(PE)rson ; a dumb person can be fooled or tricked easily
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dupe is a shortform of duplicate....duplicates are used in movies to fool people...
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