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    drivel - Dictionary definition and meaning for word drivel

    (noun) a worthless message
    Synonyms : garbage
    (noun) saliva spilling from the mouth
    Synonyms : dribble , drool , slobber
    (verb) let saliva drivel from the mouth
    Synonyms : dribble , drool , slabber , slaver , slobber
    Example Sentence
    • The baby drooled
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for drivel

The drunken driver making nonsense in public

sounds like trivial... a drivel person always says trivial stuff

sounds like driver...just imagine some tech geeks chatting about 'drivers for computer hardware'...but as you are non-techie, for you all that is just nonsense talk..

In basketball, dribbling means to repeatedly hit the ball on the ground. Drivel is also a repeated action, as one is saying the same thing repeatedly hence its boring, dull etc. Therefore, drivel = dribble

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I always think drivers language as nonsenses, and worst, imagine them drooling when they get too tired from a long drive!

DRIVEL is smething dat DRIVES u crazy....so nonsense

DRIVE+L....a person is asking you to drive alphabet L....isn't it a silly talk????? how can you drive L!!!!! or how a kid will pronounce DRIVER...it will say DRIVEL and spill salvia....

"Drive to Hell" why any one will say that. its totally nonsense. Drive + el(hell) = Nonsense

dive in well ...which is nonsense

DRIVEL:"I Drive a Limousine"..."What is this 'nonesense'?u can barely afford a bicycle,let alone a Limo!

Dry+Well makes no sense --> nonsense

Mallya/Branson to his pilot: "if you dont DRIVE WELL you are useless." (Drive + well = drivel)

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