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    dotage - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dotage

    (noun) mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; sometimes shown by foolish infatuations
    Synonyms : second childhood , senility
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dotage

DOT : Full stop, i.e the end... Thus Dotage is old age,near to death!

Due to old age DOTS are not visible.

When u hav weak memory ie in old age, u tak dosage(relate it with dotage);-)

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Dot.age Old Senile people cannot catch up with the dot.age(internet)

do + age

'Dot' after 60 years of 'age' you start to lose your brain!

dot(e) age - when someone is senile they have reached they age where they require doting from others

Do it at Age; self explanatory.

In the dotted age we loss our mental ability

dotage - in old age you dote on your grandchildren and act mad and child-like and senile. So it is 'dote''age' and also 'do old age'

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