dissident - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dissident

(noun) a person who dissents from some established policy Definition
(adj) characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards
Synonyms : heretical , heterodox
(adj) disagreeing, especially with a majority
Synonyms : dissentient , dissenting

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ASSENT = agree; DISSENT = disagree; DISSIDENT = a person who dissents/disagrees.
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resident- one who agrees and co-operates, dissident -one who is rebellious.
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dissident..dis+sident......this word sounds very similar to resident....think you are a resident of particular place and if some one suggest you to leave that place....will you do that...no certainly no...you will disagree..
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no certainely no...you will disagree or dissents from that person...suggestion.....or opinion...
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sident means sit....dissident means can not sit so rebellious.
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assent-to agree with; assenter: the one who agrees with. dissent - to disagree; dissenter - the one who dissents. dissident - the one who strongly dissents and criticizes the govt.
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in Resident Evil movie.. the main characters Rebell against the company.. :)
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dissident met president
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