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    dissident - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dissident

    (noun) a person who dissents from some established policy Definition
    (adj) characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards
    Synonyms : heretical , heterodox
    (adj) disagreeing, especially with a majority
    Synonyms : dissentient , dissenting
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dissident

ASSENT = agree; DISSENT = disagree; DISSIDENT = a person who dissents/disagrees.

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resident- one who agrees and co-operates, dissident -one who is rebellious.

dissident..dis+sident......this word sounds very similar to resident....think you are a resident of particular place and if some one suggest you to leave that place....will you do that...no certainly no...you will disagree..

no certainely no...you will disagree or dissents from that person...suggestion.....or opinion...

sident means sit....dissident means can not sit so rebellious.

assent-to agree with; assenter: the one who agrees with. dissent - to disagree; dissenter - the one who dissents. dissident - the one who strongly dissents and criticizes the govt.

in Resident Evil movie.. the main characters Rebell against the company.. :)

dissident met president

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