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    dissemble - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dissemble

    (verb) make believe with the intent to deceive
    Synonyms : affect , feign , pretend , sham
    Example Sentence
    • He feigned that he was ill
    • He shammed a headache
    (verb) hide under a false appearance
    Synonyms : cloak , mask
    Example Sentence
    • He masked his disappointment
    (verb) behave unnaturally or affectedly
    Synonyms : act , pretend
    Example Sentence
    • She's just acting
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dissemble

The word sounds like "resemble"...the person/ a thing of tat type can be in disguise...

seems like "dis assemble"(break) you broke the favourite pot of mom n den tried to "conceal" ur mistake...or pretending

DIS+ASSEMBLE....assemble means to bring parts together like we do in computers...now you have got a computer having secret information in it...hence to hide your motives, you will dissemble your computer....

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Dis sem bale bale ho gayi..:P hence i have disguise to my parents

dessemble = not resemble i.e disguise

read as this-resemble. When one thing resembles other, it can disguise viewer for it.

semble stands for the appearance of a person.. dis+semble== relate it with false appearance.hence DISSEMBLE is disguise, pretend

dissemble sounds like ressemble...so its like dis two twins who ressemble same can DISSEMBLE us..

She smiled at her boss, but thought, "Dis some bull (sh*t)"

Dissemble = Disguise

Sounds like resemble and resembling things can disguise

Do not resemble your true feelings

Dis(not)+semble(image): real image/nature is hidden

 When an army was assembling for war, the mother dissembled her son in her home

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