dissemble - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dissemble

(verb) make believe with the intent to deceive
Synonyms : affect , feign , pretend , sham
Example Sentence
  • He feigned that he was ill
  • He shammed a headache
(verb) hide under a false appearance
Synonyms : cloak , mask
Example Sentence
  • He masked his disappointment
(verb) behave unnaturally or affectedly
Synonyms : act , pretend
Example Sentence
  • She's just acting

Memory aid to help you memorize this

The word sounds like "resemble"...the person/ a thing of tat type can be in disguise...
45        16
seems like "dis assemble"(break) you broke the favourite pot of mom n den tried to "conceal" ur mistake...or pretending
23        9
DIS+ASSEMBLE....assemble means to bring parts together like we do in computers...now you have got a computer having secret information in it...hence to hide your motives, you will dissemble your computer....
9        3
Dis sem bale bale ho gayi..:P hence i have disguise to my parents
7        1
dessemble = not resemble i.e disguise
3        5
read as this-resemble. When one thing resembles other, it can disguise viewer for it.
1        3
semble stands for the appearance of a person.. dis+semble== relate it with false appearance.hence DISSEMBLE is disguise, pretend
1        1
dissemble sounds like ressemble...so its like dis two twins who ressemble same can DISSEMBLE us..
1        0
She smiled at her boss, but thought, "Dis some bull (sh*t)"
1        0
Dissemble = Disguise
0        12
Sounds like resemble and resembling things can disguise
0        7
Do not resemble your true feelings
0        2
Dis(not)+semble(image): real image/nature is hidden
0        0
 When an army was assembling for war, the mother dissembled her son in her home
0        0

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