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    disembark - Dictionary definition and meaning for word disembark

    (verb) go ashore
    Synonyms : debark , set down
    Example Sentence
    • The passengers disembarked at Southampton
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for disembark

the ship was parked so the passengers disembarked

dis+sem+back (at colg) if tat happens i will leave by train/ship 2 junagarh! :D lol

disembark is opposite of embark

dis(this),sem(me se),bark(bahar aana).means to get out from this.a vechile or a ship

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di(two)+sem(semester)+bark(back):2 sem exams me backs aa gayi,to ghar walo ne n clg walo ne bhahar nikal diya...means,asked to get out..

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