discern - Dictionary definition and meaning for word discern

(verb) detect with the senses
Example Sentence
  • The fleeing convicts were picked out of the darkness by the watchful prison guards
  • I can't make out the faces in this photograph

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disc + earn......my teacher gifted a cd(disc) to me because i was able to RECOGNIZE him even after 40 years
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concern (able to understand) discern (able to distinguish)
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DISCERN: "Dis+CERN" Think of CERN(European Org for Nuclear Research),there scientists r going to find out or recognize the Higg Particles by smashing atoms in LHC.If they any thing goes wrong it would be DISadvantage to our earth.
2        1
discern:disc+ern: i have gone to an ern(ear+nose)doctor he tested my senses by playing a disc song. if i can listen to the disc then my senses would be detecting.. this is his logic.brief: ern doctor detecting senses with disc
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DIstinguished SCEnt with Nose
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'd'iscern is slightly less caring than 'c'oncern. Alphabetical order
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DISCern..... u cant see anything in a CD but u can detect with SENSES by watching or hearing
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