dire - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dire

(adj) fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless
Synonyms : desperate
Example Sentence
  • a desperate illness
  • on all fronts the Allies were in a desperate situation due to lack of materiel
  • a dire emergency
(adj) causing fear or dread or terror
Example Sentence
  • the awful war
  • an awful risk
  • dire news
  • a career or vengeance so direful that London was shocked
  • the dread presence of the headmaster
  • polio is no longer the dreaded disease it once was
  • a dreadful storm
  • a fearful howling
  • horrendous explosions shook the city
  • a terrible curse

Memory aid to help you memorize this

dire = General Dyer who was the cause of great terror and sorrow in the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
50        5
dire sounds like "fire" which is the warning for disaster
27        0
dire...die er condition..i mean disastrous condition...
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Tyre puncture while driving --- dire ---- leads to disaster
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ire- split it inot i and re. i re,i saw it re, i warn u re...
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DIRE also means Desperate or Urgent, eg. in dire need. So, DIRE - De-sI-RE ... desperate desire or urgent.
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