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    dilatory - Dictionary definition and meaning for word dilatory

    (adj) wasting time
    Synonyms : laggard , pokey , poky
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for dilatory

Extract 'late' from the word dilatory and you get.... delay which is generally due to waste of time.

Think of the phrase, "dilly dally," which means wasting time.

Dilatory:"Daily Late",He is Daily Late to the office so his work is delayed,not completed,delayed.....

dilatory = "Late ho rahi hai" ie we are WASTING TIME

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dil+a+tory; DIL Ayya TORi(some hot chick) par but dude you are wasting your time, as shes super HOT!!!

eye dilation for an eye checkup causes delay (waste of time)

we have often heard of pupil dilation>> when we come out suddenly from dark into sun light, we make our eyes small so as to let inn less light, this is due to the SLOW or DELAYED dilation of pupil to let in less light..

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