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    didactic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word didactic

    (adj) instructive (especially excessively)
    Synonyms : didactical
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for didactic

didi always acts in a way she is teaching something...''didi-act'ic

diactic=did+act You do an act to teach something,as in a moral thus didactic=teach

did + tactic or someone teach tactic

Did + Attic. I bought an instructional phamphlet that shows me how I can construct and did an attic. Please help make this make sense gramatically

Dida (Grandmother) Teaches us many thing in childhood specially moral lesson

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Dictators act in a way that their teaching something

didactic interpret it as did as do + actic as acting. do acting teacher is always teaching how to do acting.it may help.

Didactic: when we pronounce it sounds as "die+acting".An actor teaching another actor, how to act as died person.

balls up your ass

The General gave a didactic to instruct in tactics

a classroom spelling dictation

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