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    deride - Dictionary definition and meaning for word deride

    (verb) treat or speak of with contempt
    Example Sentence
    • He derided his student's attempt to solve the biggest problem in mathematics
   Mnemonics (Memory Aids) for deride

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de -ride -- riding a horse upside down.. ppl will make fun of you ( ridicule)


DE(lower)RIDE(ride a cycle) if u ride a cycle of low quality people will REDICULE u

DE(not)+RIDE....if you are NOT able to RIDE a bicycle, you friends will laugh at you and some may show contempt......

De-ride - De in Hindi is sister. De ride - Sisters ride. If you ride your sister's pink cycle, people will make fun of you.

de + ride ( take it for granted to take u 4 a ride...so ridiculing is common in such a case

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